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December 31, 2011

Star Wars Papercraft: Miniature Gaming Starships

Miniature gaming fan Momir Farooq has a collection of twenty three Star Wars starships available for download. The tiny paper models are intended to be used with the Star Wars Miniatures gaming system. Pictured are a B-Wing, a snowspeeder (technically, not a starship), a Y-Wing, a X-Wing, and a A-Wing. The starships may be downloaded here. The snowspeeder  and other ground vehicles may be downloaded here. Build photo above is by ThunderChildFTC at DeviantART.


  1. Momir Farooq is here.

  2. the link you provided is dead, including the one androidlove provided.

  3. One message I get is an "exceeded bandwidth" message, so I think the web site is down only temporarily... I hope.

  4. As of Jan 18 2012, there is only the web page of the provider and no further information...this usually means that the web page is no longer available for viewing. It looks like this may be a more perminent problem.

  5. Today, by using
    I was able to get to Momir's home page, but the links to his papercraft templates are dead. I sent him a message about the problem. Hopefully he will be able to get things working again.

  6. The links are currently working. If you are having problems try a different web browser or clear the cache of the browser you are using. Thanks.

  7. Replies
    1. I am in contact with the author of the website. The availability of the site comes and goes. Please try another time. The website is not dead.