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October 5, 2011

Papercraft Skull #1: Half-Life

For my Halloween papercraft project this year I decided to do a series of video game skulls. The first one up is a skull from the Half-Life 1 video game. This skull can be seen at various places in the game as you proceed from one level to another. I tried to size the skull to be 1:1 scale, but as I am no anatomy expert, the size is at best an approximation. The five piece template for the skull may be downloaded here. Look for more paper model skulls in the coming weeks with the series running well past Halloween.


  1. that download site kinda stinks....
    be easier to get from Google docs but i am still excited to give this one a try...

  2. Yeah, when I started using 4shared three years ago it was much better than it is now. If I could find the time to move my 80+ files and redo the corresponding links I might consider using another service.

  3. So i finished this skull yesterday...

    Note for future use:
    Nice & simple - i love that this was only a few pieces.
    fit together very well

    BUT - there is no open space left to allow for final assembly - every edge has a tab...

    I ended up removing a small portion of the bottom-side of teeth piece for internal access during final assembly.

    Thanks for a quick & quality build.