June 20, 2014

ThunderCats Papercraft: Mumm-Ra Time Machine

It's time I finished the half-finished papercraft projects I have cluttering up my flash drive! Here's one I can mark off my list: Mumm-Ra's time machine. This pyramid-like time machine appeared in a single episode of the ThunderCats animated TV series. Mumm-Ra made use of the magical pyramid to travel through time and space in a plot to wreak havoc on the lives of his enemies, the Thundercats.I didn't have any particular purpose in mind for this paper model when I started, but it might work as a prop for miniature gaming. The mummy figure in the photo is from the Heroscape board game which has figures that are roughly 32mm / 1:48 / O Scale. The download (available here) includes A4 and Letter size PDF templates and a Pepakura PDO file for reference. Be warned, the doorway of the time machine is a tricky build!

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