December 8, 2010

Kingdom Hearts II Papercraft: Sora Card & Dice

I built these KH2 papercraft just for fun. They are the card and die form the character Sora becomes when he loses to certain attacks by Luxord, the Gambler of Fate. Even though Sora is transformed into only a single die in the game, I went ahead and created two dice (not that you could actually use them in any kind of board game). The 3D model the dice are based on has unequal sides which probably throws off the randomness of their rolls.

The card form Sora is sized to match real playing cards. The back of the card has Nobody symbols and matches Luxord's Fair Game weapon. The front of the card has a low resolution image of Sora (the game developers must have decided not to use a higher resolution image since the card appears only briefly and at a distance in the game). A download of the card and dice template is available here.

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  1. thats so awosme it looks just like the one from the game