February 24, 2010

Star Trek Papercraft: Hazard Team Helmet

I finally finished another papercraft model from the Star Trek Voyager Elite Force video game. This is the helmet that the members of Voyager's Hazard Team wear when they are sent on missions into hostile environments. In the video game the playable character wears this helmet on a mission in space and also on a mission to the engineering wing of Voyager during a radiation leak. This model is large enough to be worn. The opaque pieces of the visor may be used as a pattern to cut a visor out of transparent material. That way you might actually be able to see where you are going when the helmet is on. ^^ Details of the template are:

Scale: 1:1 estimated
Finished Size: 13.4"(34 cm) x 12.2"(31 cm) x 15.7"(40 cm)
Number of sheets: 15
Number of parts: 25
Difficulty: 2/5
Download (includes a PDO plus lined, unlined and untextured PDF's)
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